What happens?

The program begins with Mark modeling different melodies to different portions of the Audience.
Before they realize it, the audience is performing an exhilarating symphony with its own voices.
Each piece is structured with its own internal logic, which the audience is confronted with in real time, and therein lay the true joy of these performances.

Interesting... Go on...

This program is very flexible. It can run between 15 and 90 minutes, depending on your needs
A 15-minute performance will be a single piece of music, illustrative of a single point or perspective.
The entire show can be encapsulated in 30 to 45 minutes. This type of event can be custom-tailored to an existing program or service, with intermittent breaks as needed.
A 60 to 90 minute show will be more relaxed, with longer, more informally told stories. THis type of event is more tailored to a separate stand-alone event.

What's it sound like?

These recordings are provided to represent examples of Mark's work. They will not necessarily be part of the Figure program.

"The Little Boy Comes to Play"

(c) 2011 Mark Allender

"Psalm 23"

(c) 2011 Mark Allender

"Chekl Ento"

(c) 2011 Mark Allender

About Mark

Mark is an artist, musician, and designer based in Cleveland Ohio. He has recently released an album of piano music Entitled Ditties for Piano from the Time of the Plague and is a member of the band Golems of the Red Planet. He has also recently launched a project called Yellowcards, an educational site abouut logical fallacies.